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2019 – Coaldale Centennial

The Coaldale Centennial committee is planning a special year of activities in 2019. Check back often for Events & Activities throughout 2019 as details roll out. We greatly appreciate the support we have received for our Centennial events and activities.



May 31 & June 1: MCC Sale- Auction & Handmade Market

June 1 & 2: Demolition Derby & Mud Bog

July 5 & 6: Settler Days

August 3 & 4: Centennial Homecoming

September 27 & 28: Centennial Community Mosaic Mural – Details TBA

Date & Details TBA: Great Coaldale History Race

October 25: Pumpkins in the Park- Details TBA 

November 22: Country Christmas Night of Lights

Opening Night November 23: Country Christmas Light Festival



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Coaldale Centennial Selfie Contest

Check back each week for a new Fun Fact and a new location to find our Centennial Owl. Find Mr. Bogle, take a selfie with him, tag us with #CoaldaleCentennial and share it on social media to be entered into our monthly draw for a plush Centennial Owl keepsake.

Week 31

Did you know that in 1920 Coaldale was praised as "the premier wheat producing land in the world"? 

The area around Coaldale was first surveyed in 1857 by Captain John Palliser, who concluded that the land would be completely unsuitable to support agriculture. The extremely dry conditions, in conjunction with high winds and heavy spring floods certainly did not make the area seem likely to be prosperous. In 1893, the Canadian Northern Irrigation Company, lead by Elliot Galt, spearheaded a project to establish irrigation in the area. The Company had been awarded land by the government in exchange for constructing a railway, and they needed to attract settlers to sell the land to in order to make a profit from it. Over the next few decades, irrigation canals were built and improved. Dirt ditches were converted to reinforced concrete canals. Irrigation allowed for a wide variety of crops to be grown in an area previously thought unable to support them. In fact, in 1915 and 1916, Coaldale raised the world’s record wheat crop and in 1920 the area was praised as “the premier wheat producing land in the world”. Cattle, sheep and pigs were also raised in the Coaldale area. The first sugar beets were grown in 1903 and processed as the Knight Sugar Factory in Raymond. Later surpassed by sugar beets, alfalfa was the first major crop to be grown in the area. Wheat, seed crops, a large variety of vegetables, potatoes, even strawberries were grown and made Coaldale one of the most diversified farmland in Western Canada.


Share your selfie. Our Owl is set up at the Post Office until August 19 and then he will be on the move again.

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