Sustainability Plan

Coaldale, like many communities big and small across Alberta and the rest of Canada, recognizes that what Coaldale will look like in the days, months and years ahead means focusing closely on how we live today.

In 2009, a vision for a more sustainable Coaldale was adopted by Town Council and the Town’s first official sustainability plan, the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, was introduced. It includes a mixture of public input, research and trend data, strategy and vision.

Though the term ‘sustainability’ immediately suggests a singular focus on the environment and environmental issues/policy, it’s actually a much broader concept. The Integrated Community Sustainability Plan is structured around core pillars of sustainability, including culture, society, economy and the environment, with 21 identified areas of action.

The Town invites all residents to read the plan and think about what they can do to make Coaldale more sustainable. A great time to start thinking about sustainability is May, sustainability month in Coaldale, when all community residents are challenged to do something good for their family, community and the environment.

Together, we’ll help realize a more sustainable community in keeping with the overall vision established in the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

For more information on Sustainability Initiatives in Coaldale, visit the Sustainability in Coaldale page.

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan

The ICSP was ratified by Council in February 2009 and has become an important guiding document for the community. Included in the study is an overarching plan that works to balance growth needs with manageable solutions and environmentally friendly practices.  In collaboration with Council and senior Town administration officials, consultants identified short-, medium-, and long-term actions for implementing and devising ways to track and monitor sustainability progress.

Five dimensions or ‘pillars’ of sustainable planning make up the document’s structure:

  • Cultural sustainability
  • Social sustainability
  • Economic sustainability
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Sustainable governance

The ICSP provides detailed goals, timelines and implementation strategies for each of the sustainability pillars.

Integrated Development Strategy

Completed in March 2012, the Integrated Development Strategy [provide link to study here] is a significant regional planning study involving the Town of Coaldale and the County of Lethbridge. Stormwater management has long been a top priority for both municipalities. Unfortunately, the economic development of the Coaldale and regional area has been constricted by the area’s frequent flooding problems. The primary goal of the IDS is to turn current stormwater problems into assets. The result of this project will not only provide an opportunity to utilize and manage water to the benefit of local industry, but to release pent-up development pressures while identifying mutually beneficial goals between the Town of Coaldale and the County of Lethbridge. A steering committee including Council members from Coaldale and the County of Lethbridge has been tasked with prioritizing, adopting and implementing the study’s