The Town of Coaldale is responsible for delivering a wide range of core municipal services to community residents. Here, find information on utilities, emergency services, community services, assessment and taxation, licensing and permits, parks and recreational facilities, and much more.

Utilities and Services

Find information on available utilities and services, who provides them and how to access them.

Town Facilities and Parks

The Town of Coaldale offers a diversity of parks and recreation facilities for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. New facilities constructed over the past two years add additional value and enjoyment, benefiting the entire Coaldale community.

Assessment and Taxation

Here you’ll find information on municipal property assessment and taxation in the Town of Coaldale, including assessment rules and procedures, downloadable forms and contact information.

Licensing and Permits

This section includes information about required licenses and permits in the Town of Coaldale.

Planning and Development

Learn more about land development applications and procedures in the Town of Coaldale, including development fees and other important information.

Sustainability Plan

Coaldale, like many communities big and small across Alberta and the rest of Canada, recognizes that what Coaldale will look like in the days, months and years ahead means focusing closely on how we live today.

Emergency Services

The Town of Coaldale offers emergency services 24 hours per day/7 days per week, including fire, ambulance and police service.