PLAYCoaldale Leadership

Leadership • Partnerships • Support • Educate

PLAYCoaldale Green Piller Leadership

Work with all stakeholders working with children and youth

to enhance the ways they develop physical literacy

and physical activity.


PLAY Leadership Team 

The leadership team is a group of organizations that represent various sectors such as education, sport, recreation, early childhood education and health. The PLAYCoaldale Leadership team will work towards implementing the key outcomes for the PLAYCoaldale project.

If you are interested in being involved with the PLAYCoaldale Leadership team

please contact Stephanie at 403-345-1325 or email


PLAYAmbassadors are committed to sharing with their stakeholders and the community just how important physical literacy and physical activity is to the development of our children and youth. This approach will allow us to make sustainable change and affect Coaldale children’s activity levels.  If you would like to help spread the word on PLAYCoaldale but are unable to commit to regular meetings please do so by sharing information posted to this website and on our social media.