Jack Van Rijn – Candidate for Mayor

Jack Van Rijn, currently Coaldale’s Deputy Mayor with nearly four years of council experience to his credit, chose to run for mayor to propose innovative ideas to Coaldale residents.
“Our town has amazing potential and I feel a sense of responsibility to serve and I would be honoured to do all I can,” he said.

Coaldale has been Van Rijn’s home for most of his life and have been heavily involved as a volunteer through various organizations for over 31 years from Emergency Services, Kinsmen, and Chamber of Commerce, plus operating a business.

“I am Coaldale’s number one fan and want to be part of its future growth by working for the community as a Mayor” he said.

Van Rijn is very proud of the community he lives in. He desires to be a strong advocate not only for the business community that currently call Coaldale their home but would like to help in attracting more businesses to Coaldale.

Van Rijn wants to pave the way for the future of Coaldale by:

  • Actively supporting local business looking to expand and grow
  • Aggressively seeking new economic stimulus for Coaldale
  • Fostering a “Coaldale is open for business” attitude.
  • Maintaining a common-sense approach to good governance
  • Meeting on a periodic basis with town staff to discuss ways to improve service
  • Most importantly, he wants to focus on what really matters – the people

“My time has come to make a difference for the citizens of Coaldale.”
Believing in Coaldale: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow