Items acceptable for composting

The new cart can be used for organic waste which includes:

Fruits – Peeled and Unpeeled

Vegetables – Peeled and Unpeeled

Meat and Seafood – Uncooked and Cooked

Dairy Products; including Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Butter, Etc.

Baked Goods; including Bread, Cookies, Buns, Etc.

Pasta, Rice, Beans and Lentils

Coffee and Coffee Filters

Tea (loose) and Tea Bags


Salad Dressings

Cooking Oils

All Processed and Unprocessed Food

Other Materials that can been added to the cart include:

Soiled Napkins and Paper Towels

Soiled Tissue Paper

Soiled Pizza Boxes

Soiled Egg Cartons (boxboard)

Cracker Boxes

Waxy Paper Products

Used Parchment Paper and Paper Cooking Bags

Pet and Human Hair

Grass Clippings

Leaves and Plants

Certified Compostable Products

Used Paper Plates, Bowls and Cups