Role of Local Government

Municipal government is the third level or tier of government, typically responsible for matters such as writing, implementing and enforcing local bylaws and policies, issuing licenses and permits, and delivering utilities, such as water.


In the Town of Coaldale, as in other municipalities in Alberta, local elections are held every four years. Here, find results from the Town’s most recent elections.

Town Council

Find information on Coaldale’s elected leaders, including biographical and contact information for its mayor and councillors.

Council Minutes and Agendas

Find minutes and agendas for Town Council meetings, with the most recent additions posted first.

Mayor’s Message

Like many communities in Alberta, Coaldale is experiencing significant residential and commercial growth. Coaldale is certainly open for business! If you’re looking for small-community living within minutes of the city, Coaldale welcomes you.

Committees and Boards

Are you interested in serving your community by sitting on a local board or committee?

Financial Statements

Find more information here on the Town of Coaldale Financial Statements.

Reports and Publications

Here, find key Town of Coaldale reports and publications including the latest town notices, a calendar of upcoming events and Coaldale Community News, the Town’s monthly newsletter.

Bylaws and Policies

Like all communities, the Town of Coaldale has bylaws regulating issues such as noise, dogs and other domestic animals, traffic and burning.

Town Administration

Find information about the Town of Coaldale’s administrative officials, including their biographical and contact information.

Job Opportunities

Looking for employment with the Town of Coaldale?

MSI Funded Projects

Find information about projects that have been funded through MSI grants.