Douglas Page – Candidate for Council

As a home owner in Coaldale I can appreciate you wanting to get the most value for your hard earned tax dollars while keeping spending in check. While taxes are an unfortunate reality, I will encourage the town to use your money wisely and responsibly and to explore ways to find alternate sources of funding for the town in an attempt to ease the tax burden.

The points below outline some of my thoughts for Coaldale however I look forward to engaging with the residents and businesses in town to hear your thoughts and ideas for this fine community.

• Encourage industrial and commercial growth so residents of Coaldale can access the goods and services they need locally.

• Find new ways to attract and support commercial businesses in the downtown area.

• Improve the aesthetics of the town and have broken and worn out information and traffic signs repaired or replaced.

• Explore new ways for residents to meet, support and interact with each other to keep the community feeling of being connected.

• Ensure that the town is making decisions that reflect the best interests of our community members.

Feel free to contact me, I will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. Also be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for up to date news concerning Coaldale and the election.

For more information visit my website at

Call or Text: 587-257-4932                                                             email:                                                     Twitter: @dougpforcouncil