July Talk of the Town page

Read a PDF of the latest Talk of the Town page here: http://www.coaldale.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/talk-of-the-town-July-2013-web.pdf

Communication is the key

Politicians talk a lot about “transparency,” especially in election years. But what does transparency really mean? Governments should always be open and honest about their dealings, and we as citizens should expect nothing less. I believe the majority of people looking for “transparent” government are actually looking for their government to be more forthcoming with […]

Town of Coaldale gets social

Following on the heels of its official Twitter account, the Town of Coaldale has created a Facebook “fan” page as a means of getting information to residents in a timely, user-friendly way. “Social media has really become an effective communication tool over the past few years and municipalities are starting to take advantage of it,” […]