Pothole repair season begins

As winter finally draws to a close and spring is upon us, we turn our attention from snow removal to road conditions.

As everyone is aware this winter has been hard on the roads in the Town of Coaldale and the Public Works department is hard at work patching potholes.

Due to the amount, the Pothole filling will continue for some time with some of the larger holes being temporarily filled and then scheduled to be repaired fully in the summer months.

We appreciate your patience as we work our way through the long list of repairs.

Please watch for workers out on the streets at this time of year, be prepared to slow down and give them room to work safely.

Although we endeavour to repair and maintain all of the Town’s roadways we do not always see all of the issues, if you know of or see any potholes that require patching please call the Town Office at 403-345-1300 or visit the Town of Coaldale Website and submit a Request for Service.