Malloy Drain Project Phase 2A under construction

Artists rendering of NW Wetlands and Stormwater Retention Pond as part of Malloy Drain Phase 2A project in Coaldale. Looking from the Northwest towards the Southeast.

Lethbridge County, St. Mary River Irrigation District, and the Town of Coaldale are pleased to announce that construction is scheduled to begin later this month on Phase 2A of the Malloy Drain Stormwater Management Project.

The $5.4-million Phase 2A project involves several components to improve stormwater management- they will capture and control water flows during storm events and improve stormwater quality by filtering it through wetland vegetation.  The major components to be constructed include:

  • A drainage channel west of Evergreen Estates

  • A storm water surge storage pond with wetland component south of Highway 3

  • A pipeline across Highway 3 and CPR train tracks

  • A new wetland complex west of the Water – Wildlife Preserve (Birds of Prey Centre)

This project is funded through a $4.38-million grant from the Province of Alberta’s “Alberta Community Resiliency Program” and local contributions of $340,000 each from Lethbridge County, St. Mary River Irrigation District and the Town of Coaldale.

Phase 2A will be completed in two parts:

  • The wetland portion was put to tender in September with a project budget of $2.5-million. Tanex (2003) Inc./Dennis’s Dirtworx were selected with the lowest bid of $1,748,116.  Construction is scheduled to begin October 23, 2017 and is to be fully completed by July 31, 2018.

  • The channel, south pond and pipeline components have a project budget of $2.9-million and will be tendered the week of October 16, with construction planned to commence in mid-November 2017 and completed by August 31, 2018.

Artist rendering of South Pond and Pipeline project on the Southwest corner of Coaldale. Part of the overall Malloy Drain Stormwater Management project.

Project Background Information