Letter to the Minister of Transportation Regarding the Recently Closed 7-11 Petro-Canada

The 7-11 Petro-Canada that is adjacent to highway 3 and our Town’s main street was recently closed. The commercial property became available for purchase and the Town has requested that Alberta Transportation purchase the lands for various reasons;

  • it is a high traffic area that is congested throughout the day which is exacerbated by multiple lanes and nearby rail;
  • there is not enough turn space for semis to safely enter/exit and as result, semis drive on to the sidewalk, which is hazardous for pedestrians;
  • it is a safety hazard for school buses and children.

The letter was sent on December 21st, 2017 and the Town of Coaldale is currently awaiting a response from the Minister of Transportation.

You can review the letter sent to the Minister of Transportation here: Minister of Transportation – Request to Purchase 7-11 Land.