Let’s talk weeds

At this time of the year weeds are a major issue in every municipality.

In the Town of Coaldale there are procedures in place to deal with weed issues as part of an overall plan for green spaces throughout the community.

The Town of Coaldale controls weeds in public parks, schools and on town owned property.

Ditches are mowed on a regular basis while most school grounds are mowed weekly, along with parks in the community.

Parks and schools are sprayed as needed. If there is more than four weeds per square metre, the town will take the necessary means to spray.

Though we try to avoid spraying every time a weed appears, sometimes herbicide application is needed. All areas sprayed will have signs in place informing the public that spraying has taken place.

All pesticide applications are done by a licensed pesticide applicant and, once again, only when needed.

If needed, school grounds will be sprayed after summer holidays begin for the schools. If certain areas become overwhelmed by weeds they will be sprayed on a by-complaint basis.

Resident are responsible for controlling the weeds on their property and in their back lanes.

If weeds are out of control residents may be served an order to clean up the weeds by the Town’s Community Peace Officers. If the Town has to contract with a removal service, to have the weeds dealt with, the resident will be billed.

Residents are encouraged to keep their yards and gardens free of excessive trash, weeds, junk and dilapidated vehicles.

he Town of Coaldale appreciates the effort residents put into the up keep of their yards.